Mark's Wild Years

by PremRock

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a consummate raconteur who is also one of my favorite rappers pays homage to the great tom waits. this album is amazing. that is all. Favorite track: I Don't Wanna Grow Up.
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A tribute to one of America’s greatest living artists of any medium, Mark’s Wild Years is a diverse collection of songs from the depths of Tom Waits’ catalog reinterpreted in hip-hop form. Whether re-creating a narrative of death and dancing from Rain Dogs’ “Tango til They’re Sore,” Or tweaking a gut-wrenching homage to “Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis,” Mark’s Wild Years offers the glimpse into the mind of one of NYC’s more promising hip-hop artists as seen through the lens of Mr. Waits


released November 7, 2012

1.) Step Right Up Prod. By: Yuri Beats
2.) Tango till You're Sore Prod. By: Yuri Beats
3.) Temptation feat. billy woods & Jeanette Berry Prod. By: Zilla Rocca
4.) Christmas Card from a Hooker in Prague Prod. By: Steel Tipped Dove
5.) Singapore Prod. By: Mr. Simmonds
6.) I Don't Wanna Grow Up Prod. By: Yuri Beats
7.) She Took All My Money Prod. By: Steel Tipped Dove
8.) Alice Prod. By: Spills
9.) A Soldier's Things Prod. By: Talpas
10.) Jesus Loves Me Prod. By: Willie Green
11.) Earth Died Screaming Prod. By: Adam Selene
12.) Drunk on the Moon (Ain't Got You) Prod. By: Willie Green
13.) Dirt in the Ground Prod. By: Taj

I Don't Wanna Grow Up features additional vocals by: Elijah Timlin
Dirt in the Ground features additional vocals by: Jeanette Berry, Corina Corina & Willie Green

All songs written by: PremRock except where noted.
Recorded Mixed and Mastered By: Willie Green for Paul Womack Media (BMI)
Executive Produced By: PremRock
* Additional digital edits by David Noel Jr. on Earth Died Screaming & She Took All My Money

Photo By: Gianna Leo Falcon
Layout Design By: Jus FCA



all rights reserved
Track Name: Step Right Up
You need to step right up with that extra buck.
Capitalism baby get in a rhythm it gets nuts.
Credit Card, Debit Card..
Get it fast, let it charge.
No Dough?
Don’t sweat it dog,
Layaway today!
We got the best interest rates and we got faith you’ll pay
And if not we’ll take your place away..
Hey… Hey..
Why you worried bout that?
Don’t worry bout that…
Put the item in the bag!
Holiday season can you prove your love?
You need to Step right Up girl choose your drug.
Move to the fiscal groove let’s cut a rug
You see that remaining balance you need to use that up.
Don’t nobody like a stick in the mud.. Step it Up.
Treat yourself to a necklace and facial scrub
It only takes one swipe
Go and name your price.
What’s it gonna take to put you in that car and drive away tonight??

(It’s effective… It’s defective…)

How do we do it, How do we do it?
We need your business!

Prove to remove any trace of doubt
Discounts for the overconsumption let’s get down
Who cares if you forfeit your mortgage
The smorgasbord of preorders is gorgeous
Secure it now…
Lock it down…
I prophecize profits we’ll pocket now
I mean “spread to community!”
We’ll all get down
Let’s globalize how we mobilize
Now how that sound?
Sever older ties, suffer no demise
Want a kid with a wi-fi crib?
How can you see the world without a wide eye lens.
Break free get it HD
The latest trend, cut that ribbon let’s make it an event
It’s self-cleaning, self-helping, self-destructive
But oh so important!!!
Track Name: Tango Till You're Sore
Drunk off my Bourbon
I can gaze into my past
The role for my soul been openly miscast
No more holds on control
You can nail me to the mast
I’ll be on my way and don’ worry I ain’t never coming back

I can tango till I’m sore
Drink till I hit the floor
Take me to my rest
Forever more

Fallin outta window with Confetti in my hair
I can feel the ever ready
ready to sever whatever’s there
Watch the whiskey levitate
Never break whatever’s fair
Average height,
Silver Tooth, metal glare
Feel it in the air, the doubt
the wearing out.
Bartender double up on this glass
Let’s take it there
Pick apart the nightmares
Leave em at the step
Let’s enjoy the evening
Before the demons collect

And with this last drink
I will dedicate my past
Everyone in this saloon
please elevate their glass
Some soldiers earn medals,
Some never make it back
Some allocate the facts
to manufacture a path

I can tango till I’m sore
Drink till I hit the floor
Take me to my rest
Forever more

Promise me you’ll bury my Clarinet in the ground
When I return to my essence I’ll be in need of the sound
It seems my life’s progression’s been played in the background
Like datatatataatattadatt.... How that sound?
It’s storytime children
We buildin’ let’s gather round...
We dance the tarantella
Live this night forever we gettin down
The Cubans hit the floor
Like what you did it for?
I did it cuz I’m livin’
I get it... Let’s get it more

Drunken off my Scotch
I can gaze into my past
The role for my soul been openly miscast
No more holds on control
You can nail me to the mast
I’ll be on my way and don’ worry I ain’t never coming back

I can share every part of which my dreams
In which I bleed
became tethered to my sleeves
Rip off the patches between the seams

Tonight we dance till were dead
Step outside of our heads
Leave behind the past and soak up all the regrets
Bury the common sense
Live in the present-tense
Exonerating the facts
drinking to it’s success

Funeral parlour tricks
Caught up in the bliss
Oh ye
Of so little reason to exist
Get me to New Orleans or whichever will suffice
Paint my name upon the pew in celebration of life
Track Name: Temptation feat. billy woods & Jeanette Berry
Temptation that Adam and Eve Basic
Fall for every Mademoiselle
In hell’s basement
For whom the bell rings
We pay attonement’s tolls at the great fork in the road
To break the spell waiting
Different Funeral parlour tricks
Caught up in the mix
Gotta get that fix
Bleeding for that Bliss
Yep the reason we exist
Believe what you believe in
Call a heathen a heathen
It can stand to reason
But the reason we can’t stand
We all bleeding from the wrist
Heart of Darkness set off
Like Modern Marlowe
Chasing after barcode receipts
Into the unknown we retreat
Believe it it’s gets deep
The demons love to play when we sleep
And they play for the keeps
No return, no receipt
Burns from the heat
But we woken now
Tales of the broken down
And that Apple is sweet.
Tempted by the serpent
Lust, desire merging
Harlots are starving for product as if they hardly eat.
Track Name: Singapore
Tonight we sail for Singapore
We’re all as mad as hatters here
I’ve fallen for a tawny moor
She shatters all my atmosphere
I’m Drunk with all the chinamen
Amounts were never moderate
With Rice Wine and Plum juice chasing down the vitamins
Took off to the land of Nod
To wander is our punishment
Guided by our errant thoughts
Product of the wonderment
The Sewers under Paris stalk
God’s behind the thundering
I dance along a colored wind
Living on the run again
Dangled from a rope of sand
Humming on my drum of sin
Rhythms of a broken man
Hold it down, understand
You must say goodbye to me
Cry me a river
And Pry me from this society
Bid farewell to piety
Burning all the liars w. fire
Til it tires me
The irony ain’t lost on the one’s who pay the cost
Through the alley
Back from hell
When you steeple bell
You must admit it’s time to go and assume it’s just as well
It goes wipe it down with gasoline
Till his sides are hard and mean
You can have the art of war
He’s mastering the art of speak
Beat…..Heart Beat
Pardon me…
Talk’s Cheap
Speak only what you afford
Off in Singapore

It goes Sing a song of sixpence
Sittin on a brick fence
Six pack for the mission
Inhibition to the wind friends

Off in Singapore
Who can haggle with the merchants
The price you pay is life
In the abyss of the uncertain
Close the curtain on the Russian Roulette
And forget your purpose
Don’t worry the madness
Will carry every last one fo your burdens
And you can dance forever more
Live and die in Singapore
Gone with the wind…
Godspeed my friend

Awoke with a hand gun vigil
Still as a whisper
Knowing that God don’t love you
Left in a huff, rush strut of a struggle
Douse the flame but still gone in a flicker
Broken seams of that same damn fixture
Hopes and dreams and now it burns a little quicker
Arsenic the veins explains
A firestarter by trade
I was born in a blister
Walked in the village to find the blind merchant
Talked to the vision aligned to find serpents
Caught in a pitfall, disengage
Whiskey sips, grip today…
Tailor made slipknot, fit just right…
Watch me, watch me… Fade away
Another apparition born of bad religion
Dismiss tomorrow as a product of today.
Track Name: She Took All My Money
Lady liqs that shady bitch
She make me sick right…
Somedays I'd like to take my fist right to her windpipe
I never hit a woman
But if you know what she's doin
you'd reconsider to and…
Look at all she ruined
No matter what I'm always back up on her doorstep
Fresh set of roses trying to coax her back my rest
smell her up on my breath
Every time I feel the stressed
She took it all…
Every last red cent
and the last rent check
All weekend spent wrecked
with her
Can you believe it? I fell for the tricks up her sleeve
She is So deceiving... I’m seething I’m gone I’m leaving
I shoulda been doing this, I coulda been doin that
Instead I'm with you not doing shit at my pad
I wish you, wish you, wish you, wish you leave me alone
In the morning all I got is your receipt and you gone
Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone
My resentment is strong
But still I hate it really cuz I don't really hate you at all
And Everytime I'm going out I got to keep you involved
You're the reason I am late
My Visa, my escape
The reason for the amnesia I'm feeling,
But still Im feeling great!!

Lady Liqs you are a shady bitch
How you get away with this
Make me wanna…. make me wanna… make me wanna
Cash in my change
And do away with this
Feeling of sobriety, prying me from piety
I seen your ways you spying me
Liar, Liar.. Absinthe on fire higher power
Let's write it down like Dear Diary
I swear gonna leave right after this Whiskey Sour
I promise, I promise

Staring at a hourglass
drowning in your sour mash
How long will your power last???
It's anybody's guess…

Taking what you. Taking what you, Taking what you Want
I don't need to, I don't need to, I don't need to FRONT
Lady Liqs….
You shady bitch
I know your ways and shit
Ain't no need to babysit
Takin what you… taken what you…Taken what you
I don't need to….. I don't need to…. I don't need to

I… am mesmerized by the time that we spend intertwined
And in miiiiiiiiiiiiiind
Girl I don't really have the time
Agave barley or hops
Can I borrow a dollar ?
For tomorrow Scotch holler!
If not… I probably drop
But she cares not
She knows I’ll find a way
Go away she knows I won’t
I’m always inclined to stay

One shot, 2 shot, 3 shot Four
I gave her everything that she wanted and much more
Every time I turn my back
Take a call
Or burn a match
She learning a diff. trick to pin me further to the mat

Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone
My resentment is strong
But still I hate it really cuz I don't really hate you at all
And Everytime I'm going out I got to keep you involved

I had enough of her act
She calls my bluff and I’m back
The oldest trick in the book
She’s slick, she’s a crook
Thinks she’s a queen and steady plays the kid like a Rook
Now Im sitting on the floor just look at all that she took
The reason I sing the blues
Laying here feeling used
My ego foreever bruised
Relationship’s ina daze hazy I feel confused
Track Name: Alice
I must be insane
I wanna give you a ring in exchange for my name
I just return back like I'm trained
Your smile brings madness
With metal hair
you swing like iron in the wintertime
As if I was never there
Just prey lioness feast upon at dinnertime
My heart my only offer
I am just a cliff-note
It's a testament to the author
Named Alice
Figure 8 upon my soul
to demonstrate her control
And didn't have to lift a finger I know, I know, I know….
You ripped apart my heart Alice….
With every part of your metacarpi and ya sharp talons
Knocked him off-balance
Folded into your scarf
My desire held with in ev-ery part of your Chalice
Within your name I am engulfed.
And watch your frame engrain the madness
As your departure becomes my own imagined ocean of my sadness
Molded into a shape of these inappropriate actions
Holding to the faith
that you'll integrate with my passions
One day…
I will say
You and I will never sever
Noone could ever explain
The amount of un-forecasted inexplicable rain
I stand underneath to cleanse the pain
and I must be insane

And I must be insane
I must be insane
to go skating on your name
But I traced it twice
And plumetted
through ice
And now slave to the name for life… Alice

How does the ocean rock the boat?
How did your razor find my throat?
How'd the savior leave a note
On my table written on paper
then she disappeared into smoke
Screens disguised as Alice
Broken hopes and dreams
Tp part the seas of the imbalance
And every smile brings madness to my mind
Sinking through the loopholes
the most tragic of designs
Is her frame
I go skating on her name
Only to plummet
Hard to stomach the contents of her remains named Alice

And I still see your silhouette
Engulfed in the mist of a most elegant cigarette
My vision became listless
In need of the stimulant
As the crows gather round it
I am only 1 But I was hoping that number and sum would become rounded
And you an I would form a relations but this relevation is unfounded

But IIIIII fell for your trap
and I''m wounded consumed by the essence
Of you telegraphed my every single past and present

Gone… nothing will outlast this confession
Written on my bones
Stick stones and catacombs of memory I roam
I carve your effigy from stone so I'll never be alone
And together we can be forever
They will never have to know
I exist in the stormiest weather and let it known
Track Name: A Soldier's Things
Davenports and Kettle drums
Thick skin and metal lungs
Listen for grenade serenade falsetto hums
This one’s for the bravery
This one’s for me
Everything costs a dollar but the violence is free
This old knife is rusted
My old life is distant
Even cold night’s taught to hold tight position
Knitted the inscription
On the fabric I’ve enlisted
The madness I have shifted
To a walking juxtaposition
Tryna to pound this dent out of a hood
So I can park straight through this gate and maneuver how I should
A soldier’s things
Jump from the coldest of emotional swings
Give provisions to my vision
While I’m holding this drink
Cuff links and Hub Caps
Bad dreams and love cracked
Flights depart daily w. no plans to come back
Metal gear on the landing strip
Settle fears w. some comatose powder in my amulet
Dog tag describe
Prior name past occupation is just another manuscript
That I’m bleeding from my gut
One you can’t sew up
But it seems my decision’s been made
I’ve heard this rhthym been played
Live by the blade the acquire similar fate
And if I ever make it home
The only thing I’ll ever carry is love
I’d rather spare this territory
And hold a child not a grudge
Track Name: Jesus Loves Me
Now I don't go to church on Sunday
I don't memorize no script, or no verse.
Don't kneel inside a pew
I will leave that up to you
I got a different way to keep up my search
I don't study them books of the bible
I never looked at my neighbor as a rival
I feel good about my plan
Walkin' hand in hand
My savior don't need no title
Call it what you want
I just call it how I see it
Your beliefs are your beliefs
And Mines are all I ever needed
We all bleed the same
We all experience pain
I just got a diff. way to speak to Jesus I'm
Just saying...
No numbers or Deautoronomy no alter boy sodomy
No chronological propped up prophets of piety
Just me….. just him
I rap to him my sins
he tells me sing it again
I been baptized by the waters of my mind
Cause we all sons and daughters no borders no lines
No short order salvation ways to define
Just the waves that we allign through spacing and time
I rise up the morning with the strenght in my bones
Knowing my man’ll hold me down
If I can’t do it on my own
And we don’t gotta talk in public
We holding our own discussion
We just do it our own like Fuck it

I know Jesus Loooves Me…
Maybe just a little more, more
No sinners, no saints
Meet me at the middle of the day
We can dance outside the liquor store
Its goes…
I know Jesus loooves me
Maybe just a little but more, more
You can miss me the judgment
Sorry I'm not budging
I'll be ready for my curtain call..
It goes 1.2.3
As you lay me down the sleep
My soul is mine we all gotta earn our keep
All 7 days I view the same at the end of the week

Now this ain't sacreligous in the least bit
I'm just trying find some answers to my questions
Now you can try to shout me out when you're preaching
And pass my sins around as collection
Check it….
Escape through my faith
Though considered second rate
Gossip during lecture breaks
Eavesdropping by the collection plate
To the set the record straight
Ain't no life Im trying to replicate
Heaven is a state of mind
Is easy watch me elevate
You demonstrate your ties to lord
Disguised inside all the flaws you ignore
Claim you don’t discriminate but I can read the signs on the door
He was bound to the cross
For the blind and the poor
I’ve never been a man for semantics
The life I’m leading now ain’t unexamined
Call em agnostic or disenchanted
We don’t see the same handprint
It’s no great tragedy Let’s have an understanding

I walk to the beat of my own concrete
Talk’s cheap son we rolling to the gates to squad deep
I find a nativity in all creativity
Don’t need religious imagery
to liven up my Christmas tree
No Slanted century bias
Can’t pin this on Jews or Pontius Pilate
But I’ll wear the badge of heathen
If your hate needs a reason
You yourself should define what’s inspiring
Track Name: Earth Died Screaming
Doing the Mayan Meringue
The flight of pious
Eye of the Sensei
As the Earth died crying
Stripping Mother Nature of her Birthright… right?
Look into my eyelids
I incur
The eternal silence
Silence….. listen to her speak
The tears roll down her cheek
That is the sound of release
Never granting relief
Stick my hands into speech
like man it gets deep
The panic'll creep
Panoramic visions of damaged mystique
Peep! while you preach World Peace
The World is in a state of eternal sleep
It's gets deep.
Am I the one for my brother to keep
I'd rather compete capiche
I thoughts peeps were being facetious
Drawing for the blind like Venetians
And the Chorus will rejoice when the Earth dies Screaming!
And I can the voice muffled inside
of the trouble
It slides down what you heard
And the rebuttal is far from subtle

Down, Down, Down
Will you listen to the sound
The Earth Died Screaming the day we all turned around
If I ain't looking… that it ain't happen
If I ain't looking… than it ain't happen

Foretold in the scriptures of crossroads
Death by the carload
the damned lost souls
The earth died screaming
I lie dreaming of you
I wonder if these demons are bleeding like me and you
And do we have the same the reasons for belief
and seeing us through
Stuck in the rubik's cube
We live seeking the truth
Or not….
Heartbreaking characters
of paradise lost
Jotting down the caricatures
The day the lights went off>>>
The reaction Hellish
Factions of zealots
Display a lack of tact
and every single action is selfish
Turning their back
I can feel the sky falling
melting to medal pellets
Like fuck it... we didn’t get it
Now we all gonna get it...
I get it.... I get it....
Track Name: Drunk On The Moon (Ain't Got You)
Drunk on the moon
Cause I ain’t got you
Got no choice but to finish my beer
And write this tune
Existing in emotions that’s getting harder to find
Slide down the slope that’s getting harder to climb
But it’s part of design
In the heart of my mind
And I’ve been blinded by the neon
Trying to chart what I find
But it’s hard enough with these feeling untapped
And Im on another greyhound
Not sure if this one coming back
Held in my flask the guarded memories of past
Everything will come to pass
I’ve been told relax
But I’ve holding it back scolding
By emotions
That’s seem to hold only their selfish motives intact
Can go anywhere on this globe but the only place I want to go is back
Instead I wrote down this letter
Stiching together we what had
And if comes return to sender I’ll address it right back
Cause im not given up until I see that moon collapse

Tonight Im drunk On the moon
But I ain’t got you
Got no choice but to finish my beer
And write this tune…
It goes
Never let the one you love leave without fight
But you better start tonight

And the bartender understands the nature of your plight
Sometimes you got to fade to black
To gain your sight
And you complain all night
But Charlie knows
Your promises are empty
You just want your beer cold.
As you stare down the storm drain
Or Memories blended with ignored pain
Eyed glues to floor board
Cant get out of your own way
And it’s that one that got away
Same song old refrain
Nothing much had changed
You’d rather count losses than acknowledge gains
And it’s product of rain
You standing dodging drops
And the old man McMillan says he’s gonna call the cops
But you don’t really care…
They can drag you by the hair
But because you’re drunk on the moon
And the only one that matters isn’t there
She ‘s somewhere with another
Getting treated better than you
And everything was sewn together but you let it unspool
Now the fabric you owns torn
Downtrodden forlorn
Almost like you knew it
A conclusion foregone

One more for the road
Ok you can kick me out…
I never really liked this place anyhow…
Down the street I walk
Watch the Moon’ callously mock
The life we had together outlined it in chalk
Better yet a silhouette
Shaded perfect with regret
You knew this happened next fate it waits with baited breath
You take as you step
But ain’t nobody there to direct
You’ve done this dance before
You mine as well have the made the steps
Everybody plays the fool
But the foolin in you been foolin’ you
So long In fact he’s hasn’t been honest yet
You consider what she’s given
And didn’t ask for nothing back
You feel like yo;re doomed to forever live in debt
Get it through the thick-headed
Like you didn’t get it yet?
You deserve what you got shredded
And it’s better she forgets
Matter fact as long as you got a pulse and a breath
Better call her up and only hope that she accepts